Land of make believe

Those of a certain age will remember the Blue Peter “makes” of the 1970’s with children’s TV presenter Lesley Judd, when all manner of junk materials were recycled for a variety of uses – from the coat hanger tinsel covered advent crown to the toilet roll tube desk tidy!
My favourite ‘make’ was the farmyard – a papier mâché landscape which I replicated and adapted into a zoo, safari park and ‘Lost World’ to house my collection of Britains animals and Inpro dinosaurs.
I spent many an hour re-enacting the 1969 film The Valley of Gwangi and 1978 TV movie The Beasts Are on the Streets.
My papier mâché creations have long since disintegrated – but all the animals and dinosaurs are safely stowed away in a wooden box that my grandad made – a potential good investment if the going rate on auction sites of some of these toys is to be believed.
Watching the likes of Jurassic World and seeing what things kids today have to play with it’s clear toys and films have moved a lot since the stock frame animation of Gwangi and the plastic mouldings of animal figures based on the original 1940’s lead models.
I think Blue Peter still do their “makes” – I remember in the 90’s Tracey Island being a huge hit, so hopefully the power of imagination, mixed with a bit of creativity is still enough to provide hours of fun at no cost at all!