Celebrating Attenborough

When I was 13 I queued up at a bookshop in Birmingham to meet David Attenborough at a signing launch event for publication of ‘The Living Planet’. I actually cheekily asked him to sign my previously purchased paperback copy of ‘Life on Earth’ as I couldn’t afford to buy the hardback ‘Living Planet.’ I’ve still got the book & the newspaper cutting from his visit!

I’ve always been a massive wildlife fan and an avid watcher of his television programmes. My grandmother used to say she was going to write to the BBC and say if ever David Attenborough wanted to give up his job I was a prime candidate to take over!
I don’t know whether she ever did write in – but given he is still working as a wildlife presenter it would have been a very long wait!

So instead I’ve been inspired to try and follow in his footsteps to see for myself some of the wonders he has shared with us in his documentaries. As a result I’ve been lucky enough to sit with gorillas in Uganda, marvelled at the migration in the Serengeti, island hopped in the Galapagos looking for finches and iguanas, as well as getting up close with lemurs in Madagascar and taking to the oceans to watch whales.

Hopefully sharing my travels and love of nature through photography, illustrations and story writing with my nieces, nephews and other children will help to inspire a new generation of wildlife enthusiasts.