Land of make believe

Those of a certain age will remember the Blue Peter “makes” of the 1970’s with children’s TV presenter Lesley Judd, when all manner of junk materials were recycled for a variety of uses – from the coat hanger tinsel covered advent crown to the toilet roll tube desk tidy!My favourite ‘make’ was the farmyard – Read More »

Celebrating Attenborough

When I was 13 I queued up at a bookshop in Birmingham to meet David Attenborough at a signing launch event for publication of ‘The Living Planet’. I actually cheekily asked him to sign my previously purchased paperback copy of ‘Life on Earth’ as I couldn’t afford to buy the hardback ‘Living Planet.’ I’ve still Read More »

Pick up a Penguin

Today is World Penguin Day celebrating our tuxedo clad flightless feathered friends who walk with waddle but swim with amazing speed and grace. I’m reminded of the story ‘And Tango Makes Three’ by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell. The story is set in Central Park Zoo and tells the tale of two chinstrap penguins Roy and Silo Read More »

Here be dragons

Well today is the feast of St George the patron saint of England famed for killing a dragon, which got me thinking about other incarnations of these mythical creatures. The first that springs to mind is Idris a small, red Welsh dragon who is hatched out of his egg in the fire of Ivor the Read More »

All Creatures Great and Small

I like it when you log onto Facebook and their ‘On this Day’ app shares a memory of a post that you made in the past. So today – 7 years ago I was lucky enough to be in Mlilwane in Swaziland meeting a nyala. If you don’t know what one of those is – Read More »

Make a little birdhouse in your soul

My first aviary was built in my parents back garden in the mid 1980’s with the help of my maternal grandfather. He wasn’t a budgie man like my paternal grandad, he was a carpenter and cabinet maker. As a result my first aviary – although constructed mostly out of scraps of wood recycled from various Read More »

Badges, Budgies and Books

Thanks to some internet searching these little badges tell quite a tale of their own. They used to belong to my grandfather who wore them on his jacket lapels to show his affiliation to the world of budgerigar breeding. I knew my grandfather was a train driver – what I didn’t realise was the history of Read More »