All Creatures Great and Small

I like it when you log onto Facebook and their ‘On this Day’ app shares a memory of a post that you made in the past. So today – 7 years ago I was lucky enough to be in Mlilwane in Swaziland meeting a nyala. If you don’t know what one of those is – check out the Antelope Alphabet or visit my gallery to find out.
From a young age getting up close to animals is something I’ve always enjoyed doing as this photograph of me meeting a moose shows!
Mlilwane is an amazing place that provides a unique opportunity to experience African wildlife at close quarters. Thanks to dedication of Ted Reilly, who in the 1960’s began to turn the family farm into a game reserve by racing around the African countryside in a Land Rover called Jezebel darting and catching a whole range of creatures, visitors to this wildlife sanctuary can now literally walk with the animals.
Mlilwane is a Siswati word and means ‘little fire’ in reference to those started by lightning strikes in the hills of the Ezulwini Valley in Swaziland.
Similarly the spark of interest I had in animals as a child has been fanned by likes of James Herriot and David Attenborough but more on that another time.